Adriane R Wiltse

Fine artist, jeweler and creative alchemist

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Crafted to empower you to tell your story. Find the gem that speaks to you.
Multi-colored gemstone amulets held in two hands, palms up and open wide as a gift.

Flower Essences

Energetic remedies used to support healing & transformation. Consultations available. 

Our Core Beliefs and Values

‘WE BELIEVE in’ is a living, breathing document of expression of our core beliefs and values.

WE BELIEVE in striving to live with an open mind and heart.
WE BELIEVE happiness starts in your heart.
WE BELIEVE when it comes to jewelry, your style is your own.
WE BELIEVE our jewelry and flower essences will empower you.
WE BELIEVE jewelry has no gender.
WE BELIEVE colors can’t clash.

WE BELIEVE in our muses: Mother Nature, Diane von Furstenburg, Yayoi Kusama, Wassily Kandinsky, and the Universe.
WE BELIEVE in healing, forgiveness, and growth.
WE BELIEVE in being yourself always.
WE BELIEVE in creativity and compassion.
WE BELIEVE in magic, miracles, and chasing dreams.
WE BELIEVE in quality and attention to detail.
WE BELIEVE in still moments and loud music.
WE BELIEVE in the three L’s: love, love, love.

WE BELIEVE in a world free of suppressive systems, abuse and injustice such as racism, the patriarchy, white supremacy, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA+, xenophobia, ableism, elitism, classism, and the gender binary.
WE BELIEVE in building a world based on love, compassion, and collaboration.
WE BELIEVE when the Divine created you, the Divine created beauty.

You don’t get what you don’t ask for, Contact Adriane today!

I am happy to speak to you regarding any of my areas of expertise and even things I know absolutely nothing about. Send me a message and lets start the conversation.

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