About Adriane

Over fifteen years ago, Adriane R Wiltse began a career as an engineer and developed a close relationship with metals, plastics, and other materials.  Eventually, this love of materials, together with a life-long dream of self-expression led Adriane to a path in jewelry making. They served as an apprentice to fine jeweler and artist, Ernesto Moreira. Adriane’s jewelry, sculpture, and two-dimensional works are reflections of the juxtaposition of their formal education, overcoming generational trauma, and their passion for art and self-expression.

Adriane is a devoted student of the inner and outer world including studies in spiritual healing, meditation, gemstones, flower essences, and other alchemical healing methodologies. They combine these modalities, along with a systematic approach to support their clients in finding more clarity, connection, and joy.

Adriane is a degreed engineer, a candidate Master’s of Divinity, an Artist Inc Fellow and a certified Spiritual Healer. Adriane has been featured in The Chronicle, on Great Day Houston, and Voyage Magazine.

Photo Credit: Jenius Photo


Meditation Journey to the heart, reconnect with self, the earth and you Divine Love through individual and group sessions
Mindfulness Workshops Offered in individual and group sessions; join Adriane for increased connection to oneself, clarity and joy
Coaching Alchemical coaching is geared to transform the muck and step deeper into your magic. Adriane uses a variety of methods to support lasting change.

Contact Adriane at hi@thearw for more details and to work with them.

 We Believe…

WE BELIEVE in striving to live with an open mind and heart.
WE BELIEVE happiness starts in your heart.
WE BELIEVE when it comes to jewelry and self-expression, your style is your own.
WE BELIEVE our alchemical work will empower you with more clarity, connection and joy.
WE BELIEVE jewelry and clothing have no gender.
WE BELIEVE colors can’t clash.

WE BELIEVE in our muses: Mother Nature, Diane von Furstenburg, Yayoi Kusama, Wassily Kandinsky and the Universe.

WE BELIEVE in healing, forgiveness, accountability and growth.
WE BELIEVE in being yourself always.
WE BELIEVE in creativity and compassion.
WE BELIEVE in magic, miracles and chasing dreams.

WE BELIEVE in heart connections and attention to detail.
WE BELIEVE in still moments and loud music.
WE BELIEVE in the three L’s: love, love, love.

WE BELIEVE in a world free of suppressive systems, abuse and injustice such as racism, the patriarchy, white supremacy, sexism, anti-LGBTQIA+, xenophobia, ableism, elitism, classism and the gender binary.
WE BELIEVE in building a world based on love, compassion and collaboration.
WE BELIEVE when the Divine created you, the Divine created beauty.

Adriane’s ‘WE BELIEVE’ statement is a living, breathing document of expression of our core beliefs and values inspired by Jonathan Adler.