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Over ten years ago, Adriane R Wiltse began a career as an engineer and developed a close relationship with metals, plastics, and other materials.  Eventually, this love of materials, together with a life-long dream of self-expression led Adriane to a path in jewelry making. They served almost three years as an apprentice to fine jeweler and artist, Ernesto Moreira. Adriane’s jewelry, sculpture, and two-dimensional works are reflections of the juxtaposition of their formal education, overcoming generational trauma and their passion for art and self-expression.

Currently, Adriane combines this with the transformative properties of gemstones, flower essences and other alchemical healing methodologies to assist their clients to live in the fullness of love.

Adriane is an Artist Inc Fellow, an artist development program through Fresh Arts and The Mid America Arts Alliance. Adriane has been featured in The Chronicle, on Great Day Houston and Voyage Magazine.

Photo Credit by Nic High


Winston Contemporary Art Gallery

2426 Bartlett St, Ste D, Houston, Texas 77098

Rejuvenate Acupuncture

606 W. 57th, NYC, NY 10019

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