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Book a Virtual Trunk Show or Consultation

Hey, y’all! It’s Adriane and I am happy that you are curious about a virtual trunk show or consultation. Whether you are ready for new jewelry, something to celebrate an upcoming event, a meaningful gift, or an energetic companion, I am here for you.

Jewelry Trunk Show

I can’t wait to meet virtually and give you a one of a kind shopping experience. To provide you the best service, I have a quick form for you to fill out. Once booked, I will review your input and prepare for your experience by hand-selecting pieces to share with you. During a party, feel free to set yourself up for comfort and enjoyment with your favorite beverage. I can’t wait to see you soon! Schedule time with me!

Gemstone Consultation

Looking to go deeper by finding a gemstone(s) that supports you energetically? After six years of intuitively supporting myself and working with clients at trunk shows, I am ready to guide you to finding the gemstone which will support you in your journey. Once you have booked a consultation, there is a short form to fill out so please take a few breaths to center yourself and share what you desire in your heart. When we meet virtually, I will be working with you, Divine love, and my intuition and education to pair you with your special jewelry pieces or geodes. We can also talk about my experience and preferred methods for clearing your crystals and infusing your intentions into your amulet(s). Book now and let’s find your gemstones! 

Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essences are one of nature’s powerful, magical gifts and made through a “distilling” process where the spirit of the flower is captured in pure, filtered water. These energetic remedies can help you align with your Divine Self. Personally, I have found flower essences to be a valuable part of my self-care routine and aid in decision making, reducing anxiety, and overcoming old patterns including a lack of self-love. Flower essence sessions are $55 and include the consult, a customized tincture, and complimentary shipping. Book your flower essence consultation.

Combination Consultation

Gemstones and flower essences also perfectly pair together because they operate on the same energetic frequency. Both of these practices have provided much healing and growth for me personally and I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you. Flower essence sessions are $55 and include the consult, a customized tincture, and complimentary shipping. The purchase of a gemstone(s) or gemstone jewelry is at your discretion at an additional investment.  Schedule a magical experience for yourself here.

Don’t see a time that works for you?! Contact me.

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