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Transformational Crystal Gift Bundle

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Crystal Quartz Geode, an Amethyst Flower, and a Moldavite specimen

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The Transformational Crystal Gift Bundle features three, one of a kind gemstones, a crystal quartz geode, an amethyst flower, and a moldavite specimen. This gift bundle would be appreciated by a long time collector or a new lover of gems. These crystals also happen to be three of Adriane's favorite crystals and were hand-selected for this pairing.

Each one of these crystals is special on its own. What's even more incredible is that these crystals can work together to amplify and support the others' properties as well as the collector's intentions. Crystal Quartz is a powerful stone because it is programmable, amplifies energy, and can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose. Amethyst is a master healer that helps one feel connected to Divine Love. Moldavite was created 15 million years ago when a meteorite crashed into what is not modern-day Czechia (Czech Republic). Moldavite amplifies the energy of those that work with it as well as other stones.

Gift Bundle Includes:

One Brazilian Crystal Quartz Geode, 6 inches long* (retail $120)

One Brazilian Amethyst Flower, 8.5 inches long* (retail $55)

One Moldavite stone from Czechia (Czech Republic)* (retail $32)

The ARW Jewelry bundle is valued at $207.

*exclusive to the gift bundle.

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